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Confidence In Watercolor

With Dan Marshall, AWS, LPAPA




In Dan Marshall's studio workshop with a plein air focus he will focus on composition, design, consistency of wash and proper use of tone to help you elevate your watercolors to fine art paintings! Through both studio and plein air demos and one on one personal attention, he’ll use his skills to help you further yours to establish a consistent painting process. Instilling a confidence in yourself and the medium. Learn how to exploit “mistakes”, refine and further develop your technique and take your paintings to the next level…and have fun! His high spirits and energy are contagious!

Learn how to incorporate a deliberate process for creating realistic but expressive watercolor paintings. Having a consistent process enables you to relax and tap into creativity, thinking your paintings through. Holding in your mind a pre-visualization of the finished piece allows you to know in advance the steps to success and the freedom to adapt to “mistakes”. The studio time at the beginning of the workshop will equip students with tools and techniques for better plein air painting success by the end of the workshop. Dan will studio and plein air demo 2-3 times a day with students. Following each demo with their own interpretation, utilizing the techniques demonstrated.
Studio and Plein Air watercolor requires you to simplify- focus on the mood, find your subject and simplify shapes and details, This approach will allow you to make design decisions without being bogged down in detail too early in the process.Use tried and true design and composition ideas to take your work to the next level. Create Stronger Paintings by editing what you see. Stop simply transcribing a scene and start to create from your own personal vision. 

Points we will focus on: 

  • Pre visualization
  •  How to edit what you see to compose interesting paintings
  • Drawing for your painting- rhythmic with a “loose accuracy” to break the habit of coloring in your paintings
  • Keep connectivity and color harmony in your painting
  • How to use varying consistencies of pigment in relation to degrees of wetness in the paper
  • How to use different types of edges to create visual interest
  • How to use subtle shifts in value and temperature to create depth


Born in New Jersey in 1971, reared in Ohio and finishing his education in Connecticut at the Propersi Institute of Art, Dan is used to adapting to different environs. He has been fortunate to extend his travel experiences all over the world. Providing him frequent opportunities to paint the scenes he finds there and allowing him to draw on his early experiences of adaptation.  

Dan is an avid Plein Air painter, producing the majority of his work en plein air. This has helped to develop a confident style with an immediacy and freshness infused into each painting. Over 20 years of drawing daily for tattoo clients has sharpened his skills as a draftsman and daily painting and studying of his influences (Early 20th century masters, Golden Age Illustrators, current representational painters) Dan continues to experiment and hone his personal style, always striving to elevate his techniques in watercolor and push his work to the next level. 

Daniel Marshall is a Denver, CO based award-winning artist and educator, 

teaching at workshops across the country. He is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, Laguna Plein Air Painters Association and a member of the 

American Impressionist Society and Salmagundi Club.

 For more information visit his website at www.danmarshallart.com and 

@danmarshallart on Instagram.

May 14th - 16th Workshop Registration Information


Class will meet between 8:30am - 5:00pm each day at the Gallery at 54 First Ave.  

 Recommended skill level : intermediate - advanced.

Registration deadline is March 19, 2020

Minimum $200 deposit due at time of registration to "Hold Your Spot"

Balance must be paid in full by March 19, 2020.

Register Online by clicking one of these links below.

Hold Your Spot Deposit $200

Workshop Fee

Members $425

Non-Members $460

Balance Due By March 19, 2020

Balance - Member $225

Balance - Non-Member $260

If paying by check, please complete the Mail In Registration & Cancellation  Form at the link below. Send completed registration & check by March 19, 2020  to: 

Atlantic Highlands Arts Council

 PO Box 236 

Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716

Dan's recommended Supply List

Mail In Registration & Cancellation Form are on the download links below.

QUESTIONS & REGISTRATION INFO : Email Andree Benoist at andreebenoist@gmail.com 

Classes For Adults






March 26th  - May 21st

10AM - 12PM

This class is designed for students who want to learn the art of Watercolor Painting. A fundamental, hands-on working knowledge of the medium. Emphasis will be on learning techniques and exploring different tools to create beautiful paintings. Students will enjoy seeing their own style come alive. After a demo and instruction the students take the lesson learned and create their masterpiece. Topics covered are, water to paint ratio, value, creating texture and much more. The students work from photos and still life. 

Instructor : Tracey Witter

Register Members $280

Register Non-Members $320

Life drawing workshops - 3rd thurSdays





February 20th

6:30PM -9:00PM

Figure drawing from a live model is important to the development of all artists, at every skill level and in any media.  Navigating the dynamic challenges of the human form in real time sharpens our abilities in a way few other studies provide. 

Each session begins with a brief overview of classical drawing techniques such gesture, skeletal planes, and capturing shadow & light.   Modeling will begin with a variety of short poses, and the last hour of each session will be dedicated to one specific pose.  Please note that this is an uninstructed workshop, so each participant is welcome to explore any artistic style or media preferred.  

No previous skills are required – come explore and enjoy.

All media welcome, with the exception of oil paints. Also consider bringing a portable floor easel or table easel.  A suggested basic materials list will be provided to all registrants in advance of the first session.  


Register Members $20

Register Non-Members $25

still life series


still life series



Multiple stations with still life arrangements will be set up to allow participants to practice fine art motor skills in mediums of choice.  

Whether you are a seasoned artist or are looking to try art to decompress from the day, this series provides a relaxed setting to spend time with old friends and new! All are welcome.  

We suggest you bring preferred materials as donated supplies may be limited. (No oil paints, please!)

Themes will vary monthly with flowers &  plants available and in season.

Register Members $10

Register Non-Members $15

Adult Interest Groups/classes


wednesday morning meditations

wednesday morning meditations


TUESDAY Evenings 7-8:30PM


Vous allez en France au printemps? 

Drop by  for cafe au lait and conversation ... entirely in French!  

Practice your French conversation with a Sorbonne graduate.

All experience levels welcome to come practice their skills. 

$10 members / $15 non-members

wednesday morning meditations

wednesday morning meditations

wednesday morning meditations


WEDNESDAY  Mornings at 8:30 AM

So often in our busy lives we forget to smile, but more so, to be present. Our mind takes us all over, almost like it is ambushing us, so we do not have to be in the here and now. Meditation will train the mind to settle and take in moment by moment.

Please join us as we sit and breath together!  

Dress Warm...& bring an open mind and heart!

Donations welcome!

CaFfe Italiano

CaFfe Italiano

CaFfe Italiano


THURSDAY Afternoons  1PM - 3PM 

Andare in Italia in primavera

Drop by  on Thursday afternoons for cappuccino and conversation ... entirely in Italian!  All experience levels welcome to come practice their skills.

No registration required.

Open Studio

CaFfe Italiano

CaFfe Italiano


SATURDAY Mornings 10 AM - 1PM

Bring your latest project and work alongside others in the studio.  Feel free to work in any medium except oil paints!

No registration required.