Current Exhibit



Opening Reception - Saturday March 2, 2019 6PM - 8PM

Some edgy excitement for our March exhibit, curated by newest Board Member, Kristin Middleton! 

This show is a celebration of gods, myths and beasts from cultures around the world from past to present. 

Featuring 15 artist's work in a variety of media including ink, graphite, 

watercolor, collage, digital and metal sculpture. 

Charlie Fogel                                                                       Bill Ross


Chris Gabriel

Christine Cittadino                                                          Claire Connelly


Dan Drucker

Darrel Haley                                                                   Erika Scipione

James Hass

Kristin Middleton                                                            Micah Buzan

Olivia Nash

Sean Pryor                                                                            Tim Cronin


Carrie Wyndorf