In the Window

Dawn Dicicco

I am a thief.  I steal from everyone.  No one is safe.  Nothing is sacred.

 I take possession of every artist, writer and musician, alive or dead who has ever inspired me

and imprison them in my subconscious.  I then release them onto the canvas in the form of a

word, a color, a scrap of newspaper, a rusted bottle cap, a borrowed lyric from a song, a ragged

swath of black paint swiped across the canvas.  I use texture, direction, depth and color to convey

playfulness, passion, violence, love or peace.

 My mixed media abstract paintings are a rebellion; a direct response to the constrictions of a

traditional life.  When I am painting I can be young, a punk, a villain, a savage, a saint; free.

“The Lookout”

Mixed Media



"Black Birds"

Mixed Media



Stacey Pritchard

I am a narrative artist. My latest work involves combining, drawing, sculpture, and painting with a variety of materials to create glimpses into small narratives, that touch on current events and especially the state of children in crisis. Currently the stories I am telling revolve around the themes of dislocation, war, emotion, and instinctual reactions to the current world.

I am using hybrid animal human characters to express archetypes experiencing life through these landscapes. These hybrid human animal forms are inspired by shamanic thinking and are an expression of my belief that the disrespect and disconnect from our environment is symptomatic of the greed that drives human wars. These characters have come to life as ceramic figures based mixed media sculptures, some of which are based off the wall instead of the floor or a base. Ceramic as a vehicle to express the more connected nature of the characters also lends it’s organic and varied nature to the actual forms themselves, through the use of multiple clay bodies.

My work uses repetition of anonymous flat paper forms as representation of the dehumanizing nature of war as well as placeholders for much larger numbers.  As these ideas and concepts have many layers and overlapping issues that influence them, I strive to mirror that complexity and depth through the collage and layering techniques I employ in the production of the work. The texts I use become a background noise that informs the symbolic nature of the gesture in each of the compositions. I collect my images and the text found in my work from my every day life and various meaningful and collected books. Much of the text in the last year or so has involved Catch 22 by Joseph Heller, which speaks to the actual landscape for the story. This allows me to play between the spoken, the felt, and the seen within each piece.

It is my hope that, the viewer will bring their own histories and judgments to my images, continuing and adding to the narrative. I see the experience of art as a series of individual conversations with a work. When the viewer converses with my work, I hope to influence some type of new perspective for them on their own narrative and that of the larger world.

“And the Journey Continues”

Oil and Mixed Media on Wood



"Chapter 4"

Mixed Media on Wood



Eileen Ferara

"Invasion 5"

Invasion is a reflection on the fragility of balance in the environment. The imagery is inspired by a single found seed pod, commonly known as Devil's Head Pod, which is an invasive plant species introduced to North America in the mid to late 1800's. My aim with the invasion works is to create something compelling which will provoke consideration of what our role is within the ecosystems we inhabit.

Block print, pencil, cut paper

Variable Dimensions


Seashell Resonance

Carved into this book of Melville’s poems and stories is the shape of the cavity of a conch shell, creating new form with the pages. The title refers to rushing sound one hears when placing the ear to the cavity of a large shell, such as a conch.

Altered book (paper, acrylic paint, thread)

Variable Dimensions


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