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    Eileen Kennedy

    I love to draw. I love to tell stories. Egg tempera and silverpoint, my media of choice, help me to create artworks that combine both of these loves. Always a compulsive mark maker, I make thousands of marks to build form, tone and atmosphere. Some of my narratives come from memory or dreams. Others appear in my mind with no clue to their origin. I accept them as gifts. 

    While the ideas for my works can come to me in a flash of insight or spontaneity, their execution is the polar opposite. I begin with many drawings, sketches, and even doodles. Sometimes I hire models to pose. Other times I create figures out of my head. An 18 x 24" silverpoint drawing can take a month or more to complete, not including preliminary drawing. Egg tempera paintings of the same size take about 5 months, assuming I can put in 25 to 30 hours per week in the studio.

    At some point along the way, I have to relinquish control and trust that the process will serve me well. Frequently, when a piece is about three quarters complete, I find myself in a panic--certain that all is lost. I take a deep breath and keep going. More layers. Because my use of color is intuitive, I never really know where the paint will take me and am frequently surprised at the end. I hope you will be, too.

    Lynda Rose

    As a life-long resident of the Jersey Shore, I’ve always had a fascination for horseshoe crabs.   After 30 years in the corporate sector (and many more combing the shores of the bay and rivers for treasures) I finally found, upon my retirement, a new passion in turning these beastly-looking creatures into unique works of art giving them a “second life” and offering a new awareness to the public of the beauty that is inherent in the form and function of these noble, living fossils.   No living crabs are ever taken from their natural habitat in the creation of my pieces!

    Aylin Green

    Raised in the suburbs of Boston as the first daughter of a Turkish mother and a Jewish father, Aylin's art focuses on exploring mythologies, dreams, scientific theories, and interpretations of events while gathering inspiration from the crusty tables of flea markets, the sewing boxes of fashionable women, and the colorful graffiti of city streets. With a BFA from Mason Gross at Rutgers University and a MA of Ed from SMFA at Tufts, Aylin has exhibited her mixed media paintings and cast metal sculpture at galleries and art centers throughout the region including Philadelphia, Princeton, Lambertville, and Trenton. As a member of AbOminOg Intl. artist collective she has participated in several public iron pours, including at Art All Night and Grounds For Sculpture. Aylin splits her time making art, caring for her family, working full time as a nonprofit director, and as the managing partner of Visual Stream artist collective and gallery in Lambertville, NJ.

    Artist Statement:
    The figures in these paintings are strong women who are in full possession of feminine power. Liberated from their original environments and placed into a complicated and layered realm, their appeal and their desire are met with equal force.