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    Theda Sandiford

    We all wear masks. Masks to pretend, to hide, to celebrate or just to put our best face forward in a selfie. I construct masks for protection. What may start off as an ugly statement, in the end, becomes something beautiful.

    I transform drawings, photography, various mix media practices, along with found and meticulously collected recycled materials into self-portraits. I photograph my process and then digitally manipulate these images to extend the narrative as part of my personal mythology.

    Fragmented identity juxtaposed with the existence of infinite possibilities is a recurring theme in my work.

    Follow @MissTheda to see my process on Instagram.

    “Inner Beauty”, Aluminum Print, 2016, $575

    “Big Mouth--I Can’t Even”, 
Mixed Media, 2017, $900

    Phillip McConnell

    Phillip McConnell is a 27-year-old artist from Trenton New jersey. Writing from the scope of a post internet millennial, he highlights varying factors of the human condition. He weaves a complex narrative around subject matter draped in a poetry. Phillip is also a writer finishing his first novel, a narrative poet, script writer working on a short film, spoken word artist, a digital artist with a focus on abstract, surrealist art and a photographer whose concentration is in highlighting the human condition and the different macro/micro concepts of well. He specializes in a art form called glitch art which deals with manipulating the computer code of a picture.