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Affordable Art Show & sale - November 29th - december 22


Affordable Art Show  & Sale

Support the Arts and start your Holiday shopping by shopping local, 

for handcrafted, original works by local artisans!

OPENING RECEPTION :  "Black Friday" November 29th 4pm-9pm

 a curated selection of handcrafted work by local artisans at the Atlantic Highlands Arts Council Gallery this holiday season. 

Featured Artists & Craftspeople

     Nancy   Aufiero |  Stephanie Baness  | Megan Becker  | Yan Cao  | 

Rachel Cohen  |  Eunie Colleti   | Frank Dinger  | Gail Driscoll   | Dana Flynn  | Kathy Forer   | Stephanie Gigliotti  | Douglas Gilbert   |Janice Godfrey   |

Anna Gove  |  Nathalie d'Iris   |  David   Halbout  | Guy Hembling  | Judi Hull | 

| Sue Kasdon | Brett Klaproth |  Marge Levine  | Heda Matiejunas  |

 Susan Matulewicz  | Kristin Middleton  | Anne Milling  | 

Bob Milling   | Denise Mumm  | Joe Nowaczyk  | Neelam Padte | 

Uma Passaer  | Michele Rath  |

 Irene Rousseau |  Luisa Ruiz  | James Sechiano  | 

Anthony Sienkiewicz | DereThomson  | Barbara Torgersen |  Carla Valentino  | Hartmut Vetter   Herbert Volkert  | Tracey Witter  | Kira Yustak    

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On Exhibit through December 22nd.

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All everything is connected. My steps and my breath all keep moving it along. The work, all the acts, process, it’s all in each breath each step. Each day pushed along getting closer to it. Paint.Painting. The actual work of making a painting is arduous. All the gears spinning in anticipation. Weeks of thought, hapticly informs the agenda. Now panel ready, canvas stretched. Sized canvas is ready for ground. Ground is dry, it’s screaming for that first smush oil.

Colors made. X-medium is added. Now we are close to it. Piles of paint on the table. Knives ready each with its own pile of color.


Let it start.


Two , three and some times four days are gone. I’m euphoric, looking at it, staring for hours. Neck tingles. When I really see it the work is done and it’s on the wall.

These paintings all come from a playful, intuitive and haptic art making process. Minimal swaths of color juxtaposed 

with a gestural history of mark making from knives full of paint.

 Many panels or multiples set up situations that guide and direct the action.

These are some of my ways

Thank you.

Don Harger

Born in Ft Monmouth, New Jersey


Keansburg High School, New JerseySouthern California Institute of Architecture


Self employed Artist, Painter and Maker. Apprenticed with: Peter Shelton, Charles Fine, Eric Orr, Mary Course.


Profile: Red Bank Artist, Don Harger, The Red Bank Monitor, November 2008 Artist Don Harger at Home in Red Bank. TriCity News, 2006Art For Art Sake. Asbury Park Press, Reporter 2006

Don Harger Exhibitions (pdf)


January 2020

Annual members Art Exhibition - january 2020


Our Annual Juried Members Art Exhibition  is scheduled for January 2020. If your annual Atlantic Highlands Arts  Council membership dues are current , you will be invited to submit a piece to our 

Annual Members Art Exhibition.  

Prospectus is below.


                                        DECEMBER 28, 2019                                        

Jan 2020 Members Art Exhibition Prospectus (jpeg)


2020 exhibit highlights

2020 sneak preview

In addition to our Annual Juried Members Art Exhibit in January, we will be putting Calls For Art out for a Ceramic & Jewelry exhibit, a group Photography exhibit, the Plastic Wave Project returns in April in time for Earth Day for a 2-week exhibit, a Children's Art exhibit, Art of the Edge returns, a Tattoo Arts exhibit, a Pastel Arts exhibit are among the shows we have in store. In additon, look for Mike Scherfen & Miguel Figueras in 2020.

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