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Marco Bras


I started in the International Sculpture Center Portugal with Master Sculptor Moises.  I became a teacher there and created many private and public sculptures, created my own studio in Sintra Portugal, the Marble Capital of the World.

I host dozens of individual and collective exhibitions in Europe and in America. My sculptures received prizes and honors for the excellence of my carving. Now I establish my studio in New Jersey where I can create big size sculptures.  I’m creating the International Sculpture center in America to help people learn and practice sculpture.

Carving stones start with the feeling that I receive from the forms, color, and the moment.  I create and start by just using chisel and hammer inside the stone.  It’s an alchemy process of transmutation from the stone I create and the codes encrypted.  And it is a revelation for the mind that get in touch with my creation.

The natural forms already carved by life come to me, in this dialogue from, the moment, forms and colors create the vibration tone for the idea and creation it’s something to discover.

Having this relation with stone alive billion years its something amusing, let the mark, the idea of my spirit can transmit a message beyond time space reality it’s something people have to discover to receive like a key, a script to open the door every form its vibrating with information.

Email marcoescultura@hotmail.com

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