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Mike Quon

Mike considers himself fortunate to have had two succesful careers - one as an artist and one as a g

Mike has had two successful careers - one as an artist and one as a graphic designer. His bold and colorful illustrations have been seen both locally and on the world stage, from our ArtSHOP to the World Soccer Cup!  Matted original prints available. 

Mike Scherfen


Mike started drawing at age 9 and once considered a career in architecture! He has been painting full time since 2008, and studied under the renowned Donald Voorhees of NJ Watercolor Society.  His paintings range from potraits to seascapes and landscapes. His work has won many awards! Cards & matted prints of small and medium size are available.



Randy has been creating original designs in a wide variety of media for most of her life. As a child she drew anything and everything with a special passion for portraits and people  Always a student as well as a teacher, she enjoys sharing her love of all things creative. Randy teaches watercolor  classes at the Arts Council gallery.  Cards & various matted originals and prints available. 



 Stacey's current painted works include  a beautiful "hula hoop children" series in pastels and small framed "children being silly at the beach" series  in acrylic. 

bob milling


Bob is a talented local artist who dabbles in bead making and weaving.  He is a self taught weaver who has an eye for color and texture.  Various hand woven scarves available.

Carla Valentino


Carla Valentino is a painter and mixed media artist. She hand paints furniture that she finds interesting and has also illustrated a children’s book published by her husband entitled “The Legend of Peaceful Island.”

       Overall, her work focuses on the nearly limitless visual variety and combinations possible through the use of color, texture, form and found objects, as well as imagery both antique and contemporary.

lynda rose


Lynda works with molted  horseshoe crabs shells that are a common sight along the Navesink River and Sandy Hook Bay.  In spite of their rugged ugliness, she has always been intrigued by them. The horseshoe crab is often mistaken for a Helmet Crab but it was just that likeness of a helmet that inspired her to paint her first one as an American combat soldier.  She has created everything from Tilly to King Tut! Various sizes and subjects available.



 Dana of BDA and BDA*WEAR uses vintage denim, japanese kimono fabric, Boys Day banner cottons, African bark cloths and vintage tee shirts to create her unique designs. Her  BDA jewelry line uses leather, turquoise, gemstones, and other  precious & semi-precious materials that make them one of kind pieces and will last a lifetime. 

Andree benoist


 Andree Benoist began painting later in life, falling in love with the process of learning about and experimenting with the fluid nature of watercolor.

Seeing the moment captured on paper is a thrill unlike anything else which continues to captivate and motivate this artist.  Andree finds inspiration at home in New Jersey and in the foothills of the White Mountains in Maine. Cards & matted original watercolors available.



 Brett is an avid photographer whose favorite subject is wildlife. He captures his subjects unsuspectingly. He has and will sacrifice and entire range of desired subjects if shots of the aesthetic quality he'd like cannot be obtained ethically. Matted photographs in various sizes available.  

Yan Cao

Watercolors by Yan Cao

Yan chooses watercolor for its immediacy, translucency and unpredictability.  She exquisitely captures scenes of the local harbor and the Henry Hudson Trail. Beautiful original matted watercolors & cards available.

bruce perlmutter & jill briggles


Bruce and Jill create fabulous one of kind bowls from sassafras, holly, maple and other woods. Bruce turns and Jill burns each and every unique bowl. We think their pieces make wonderful wedding gifts!



 Tom works in graphite and gouache on paper. His works are kept small to draw in and engage the viewer.  Each piece has an element of humor, which tends to be disarming but is the avenue by which the viewer is enticed to linger. Various framed original graphite on paper available. 



"From the discards of society I simply try to create a beautiful object. I am definitely near the Rubicon, making shapes that one has seen before, from metal used for thousands of years."

"Michael Allen Malpass created an amazing body of art in such a short time, it compels us to wonder if he sensed the limitation of his time" 

The ArtSHOP is extremely fortunate to have a few select pieces of Michael's work available.

Sue kasdon


 Sue's work depicts a private world populated by cats and older women, set in imaginary spaces that are rich in texture and pattern. The inclusion of common household products in some of these insular scenes serves to bridge the gap between the imaginary and real realms.
The surface of clay is ideal for drawing, impressing, incising, and painting. The result produces a permanent, frozen moment in time.  Sue's woodcut block prints and small hand formed cat 3D sculptures in terracotta available.

Rachel Cohen


Through photography, Rachel shares with the universe her quirky, inviting & simple perspective. She is inspired by her father, teachers and her life experiences.  Rachel's jewelry coming  soon! Cards & matted photography available. 

Colleen Lineberry


“My abstract paintings and visual art express my passion for the feeling and energy of a particular place or a moment, often in the natural world. I have experienced deep renewal throughout a lifetime of outdoor living, travel, and meditation.

Colleen's silk scarves and small matted oil & cold wax on canvas artworks are available. 

Anne milling


Anne Milling is a local Atlantic Highlands potter and jewelry maker who creates affordable, functional pottery pieces for your home. We currently have some of her popular 'Day of the Dead" pottery pieces. When she is not in AH, she spends time getting inspiration in Puerta Vallarta. Various plates & bowls available.

phyllis biondolillo


Phyllis paints in a range of sizes, but enjoys producing small paintings, some as tiny as a postage stamp. She also does finger painting in acrylics and watercolor. Cards & framed and matted acrylics and watercolors available.

daniel hofmann


Daniel is a recent transplant to the area and is inspired by the beauty in both the sea and the parks of Monmouth County, which he captures perfectly in his photography. Various matted photographs available.


Local and regional artists are featured on a rotating basis in our Gallery's ArtSHOP. 

Our goal is to represent artists of all mediums and styles and as such, we accept submissions on a rolling basis. 

Please send us an email with images of your work to


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